After a 7-month hiatus…

…I am back!

For the past 7 months, a lot of things have happened. There’s the internship at a publishing company from April to May (which was super fun!), the start of the 1st semester A.Y. 2013-2014 which was also my LAST semester in school in June, the 2-week vacation of my Papa for the supposedly October graduation which was moved this November, and so many things in between. And there’s a LOT of things to look forward to. On top of my list is my graduation this November. Can I have some “Wohooo!! Congrats Jam!!!” and “You did it!!” comments from you guys? :DI’m so excited!!!!

And of course there’s Christmas, Papa’s long vacation, Divisoria (been wanting to go there to shop and eat!!!) and a fun wedding on December. I’m also hoping we can watch a concert or two during the holidays, e.g. Barbie LIVE! The Mickey Mouse show my friends and I watched in Araneta a few years ago was too awesome I cannot wait to watch another fun show perfect for the kids and kids at heart. ;) So many good and fun things to prepare for and blog about. I better not waste time so expect me, Jam to start writing again.. :)


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