Good news today + good movies yesterday!

Disclaimer: I tend to write spoilers about the movies being featured on my blog. Don’t read if you don’t want your day be spoiled. 😛

A day after Easter Sunday or “Pasko ng Pagkabuhay” to Filipinos, I received good news. I’ve been praying for this and God gave it to us. Thank You Papa Jesus! (this has something to do with my academics) Now all I need to do is haunt and pay. Uhm.. sounds weird, but it really is about my subjects. Thank You Papa Jesus! You saved me, yet again!

Since I am too glad with the good news I received today, let me share with you the movies that we watched yesterday and made me realize a lot of things.

1st movie: Toy Story 3

Lots of bubog!! (shattered glasses- which according to Sir Rahyan Carlos and Sir Ricky Lee are broken glasses that we have experienced in life which made us the persons we are today. These may be physical, mental, emotional, dark past; our life’s failures and pains).

This is the 3rd installment to the Toy Story series by Pixar. Honestly, I don’t remember if I watched the first 2 in the cinemas or if I ever watched it. I just really started to got a little addicted with cartoon movies when I watched Finding Nemo, Mulan, Scooby Doo and The Prince of Egypt a hundred times on our DVD set. But I loved the classics like Cinderella, Snow White, and all films-princessey.

Going back, like all the afore-mentioned films, this was such a tearjerker. I had to stop myself from crying because all my siblings were beside me watching. Hehehe. The whole time Andy was saying his goodbyes to his toys especially when he introduced Woody to Bonnie, I was teary-eyed!!!! My jaw was hurting the whole scene. You can watch the scene on Youtube (but I suggest you really watch the WHOLE film):

The movie imparts a great lesson to us all: that there are people (or things?:p) who will not leave us whatever happens and will keep on holding and believing. Two words: FRIENDS FOREVER!

Can’t help but remember my friends who’ve been there through ups and downs. (Image from

2nd movie: The Last Airbender

I was so moved by the 1st movie so this wasn’t a competitor. I got bored with the film’s pacing. I wanted more adventures, less talk and dead scenes. The direction and editing were not commendable. I felt as though they were trying to squeeze every detail into a 1 and a half(?) hour-movie through numerous voice over by the girl character.

The Last Airbender (photo from

3rd movie: Inkheart

Creative. There’s just one funny goof I read online.

Mo has been looking for a copy of the book for nine years and never thought of contacting the author until his daughter mentions it.

Inkheart (image from

I think I’m still overwhelmed with Toy Story 3 so…..

Til the next movies! 😉


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