Good Friday and Sabado de Gloria movie marathon

Yesterday, Good Friday, my mother, little brother and sister and I went to Sto. Nino de Cebu parish in CSA to do Stations of the Cross. Honestly speaking, I think it was the first time we did the stations in just one Church. Usually on Holy Week, we go around Tagaytay, Laguna, or somewhere far like Bicol for vacation and whole day Church rounds. It was different but I thought it was good because unlike our usual rounds, we really got to focus on the meditations and not be hindered by the beautiful sights. Don’t get me wrong, I LOOOVE Sto. Nino Church which is beside my high school Alma Mater. You have to visit it for you to discover the Church’s beauty šŸ˜‰

Sto. Nino de Cebu in Binan, Laguna (photo from

So when we got home, we did our usual thing: haunt for movies!!! (insert scary laugh here)

1st movie: Cabin in the Woods

I was not able to start this movie but I got intrigued when I realized they (my family) were so focused and quiet while watching… Hmm… there must be something special to this film that they have become this glued. I was right, the film made me want to give my utmost attention (lol) to it the whole time. Though I didn’t really liked the plot, cinematography, acting and all, I still found it entertaining. Geeez those monsters, I can still remember the elevator scene.

2nd movie: The Eagle

OHH THIS ONE I MUST COMMEND. I LOVED IT. I love Channing Tatum, haha. I didn’t know he was 32 already, has a wife and a kid (wiki knowledge here). He’s so… soldier *v* Ā (Film Appreciation subject application failed.)

Hi there, handsome! (Image from

Charming Tatum *v* (image from

3rd movie: Identity Thief

Quite funny! But not cinema worthy, which I mean is that I wouldn’t want to watch this on the movie house because I’ll surely want to stand up and buy food. The story’s too slow to progress. Anyway, I liked the ending. šŸ˜›

Neck punch! (Image from

Sabado de Gloria

1st movie: Skyfall

This movie did not disappoint. We just found the long introduction (or what do you call that) with Adele’s song playing somewhat weird.. or.. unique maybe? My little sister even asked us: “Tapos na yun? Ang bilis naman.” She thought the whole movie was finished na, e it was starting palang. Haha. Nevertheless, I love James Bond, Daniel Craig and Adele.

“Let the sky fall
When it crumbles
We will stand tall

Face it all together”

Gwapo naman. (Image from

2nd movie: S.W.A.T. Firefight (2011)

Let’s just say I would have wanted to watch the 2003 version of this instead.

SWAT HAPPENED? (Image from

I liked this better actually. A lot. (


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