Happy Valentines! Happy College Day!

So it was February 14 yesterday! I remember asking Cheavy: “anong date today?” And the ever cheerful friend of mine replied with a happy, expectant tone and a wide smile: “14!!” I even wondered why she was so gleefully smiling at me. Maybe she’s just her weird self again. I kid, Cheav!! ๐Ÿ˜›

It was an ordinary day for me, nothing special. However, because it coincides with our College day, I kinda felt it would be a happy day. Well it turned out to be what I expected.

The day was full of activities as usual. There were games, stuff and other more. It was the release of SNAP!, our magazine project for EDMAN which made everyone excited and energetic ย in promoting and selling. It really feels good to see your hard work pay off, just like what I felt with Pabellon newspaper.

So I arrived in school at 11am because my sole purpose actually was to join in the Boodle food fight (of course aside from our 4-7pm PR class). It was such an experience with my “exchange student” for the day Kelly! At first I thought she wouldn’t join me, but she did! And for that Kelly, I’m soooo glad!

We taught her how to eat with our hands which she learned naman but needs more practice. Not bad for a first timer!

We had adobo, itlog na maalat and kamatis for lunch. Pictures soon when Kelly uploads na (I told you this day isn’t much of importance for me so I didn’t bring my camera).

Since it was Vday, lots of kilig moments happened. There was a surprise harana from a student council officer to the student council president and from a boyfriend to a PR classmate; a sweet surprise from Patsy to her lovee dove; a late night candle-lit heart surprise from a “babe” to her “babe”, and the highlight: a piece of home-made chocolate from a korean friend of Kelly which she shared with me and Cecile (while we were shooting for my news package under the scorching heat). The chocolate was divine!!! It melts in your mouth withour effort! And it’s coated with white milk!!! Now I’m craving.

Good night! ๐Ÿ™‚


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