It’s JS Prom time again!!

Today’s the last JS Promenade of my brother Jason who’s on his senior year in high school. They’ll be dancing the romantic, beautiful night away in Makati Shangri-la which makes me a bit jealous. You see, it was Manila Hotel for my batch, for two years. But hey! Manila Hotel is waaaaay beautiful, grand and breath taking (I’m not sure if this is cognitive dissonance right here, huh). But really, really. The moment I was in Manila Hotel, I just fell in love with its grandness.

Going back, my bro’s batch’s theme for Prom is Hollywood. I can’t wait for my brother’s outfit though it’s usually the girls who pay so much attention to these theme-theme things. I think he’ll be in his tux; timeless. 🙂

Let me just share with you some of my photos during our Junior-Senior Promenade.

Our theme during 3rd

year was Royalty, 4th year was Oscars.



Ball gown made by my dearest Lola Aida aka “Nanay”. ❤ She’s been doing my dresses, gowns, costumes, etc since I was a kid. Thank you Nanay for always dressing me up!


With our adviser Sir Vitug, my section III-St. Thomas of Villanova


My lovely girls all dolled up: Danica, Martha, Timmy, Teng and Alandia


Since bongga naman na yung damit ko nung 3rd year, I decided to keep it simple. I wore this flowy dress for our cotillion dance




Cotillion. Still feels nice to be different. They wore their ball gowns, I wore this. 😉


With my glamorous girls from left: Evio, Onna, Nherie, Chuba, Martha, Bedia, Timmy and me


III- St. Thomas!!!!! Reunited!


Inside the hall 🙂

So there! I’m still jealous since I want to attend Prom again. Maybe have our graduation ball this year, huh?

Happy February! Happy JS Prom everyone! Enjoy the magic of my night! 😡

Shine bright like a diamond,



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